The "Sixty-Seconds to Yes!" platform is a self-paced, skill development program that includes:
  • 22 training videos
  • 22 audio downloads
  • A 165-page action guide
  • Sixty-Seconds to Yes! ebook
60 Seconds to Yes Sales & Influence Training

60 Seconds is the foundation workshop that teaches you how to master the skill of influence. This basic full-day workshop is required before other workshops are available. What makes this workshop unique from the participant perspective is we do not waste time with "role play" or fill-in-the-blanks exercises. Instead we take the participants on a fun, exciting and jaw-dropping journey into the human mind and how decisions are actually made. We make astonishing claims that seem to be counter to everything we know about sales and selling and then prove our claims into facts beyond any doubt. When we say "we've been doing it wrong" we can clearly illustrate this fact and show the participants how to fix it for higher closing ratios and better relationships in all aspects of their lives.

"I didn't look at my watch once for the entire day!" 
- Mitch Gaylord, Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast and Business Leader

Sales Leadership Academy

This two-day workshop will teach your sales leaders how to hire, train, plan, manage and coach their team. From how to lead a sales team to how to plan and chart your expectations and results to how to lead a meeting to how to create loyalty. This workshop is a must for your sales leaders. What makes this program unique is for the first time a program covers the previously intangible skills of sales leadership and puts them into a tangible format that will drive higher results immediately. Whether you are building a new sales team or have an established sales force we can unlock the mystery of leading for success, building a realistic plan and creating a high-level of accountability and loyalty.

"All the mystery about successful sales leadership has been removed. If only we had this training 25 years ago!" 
- Barney Hellenbrand, CEO of a national insurance marketing company

Perpetual Lead Generation & Accountability

This full-day workshop will help you un-program your bad habits and fears. There are two things that keep people from being successful: they are either afraid of it, or they are lazy. This will get you through both of those things. You will also learn an organic person-to-person lead generation method that doesn't involve formal networking groups. You will have a system that you follow every week. What makes this workshop unique is we break down an organic lead generation system into a stepby-step process that anyone can do. Creating a full and perpetual pipeline requires discipline and accountability. We show participants how to create these dynamics within themselves at the highest level regardless of their current skill-sets.

"If you have a person-to-person business this workshop is mandatory!" 
- Sean Reilly, VP of an investment firm

Power Negotiations

From negotiations to sales to time management, this full-day workshop helps you find and understand the real and only objection and teaches you how to navigate through it. What makes this program unique is we take the previously tenuous concept of negotiating and create the "unfair Advantage" methodology for massive results! The problem most people have with negotiating is the perception that someone is winning and someone is losing. This does not need to be the dynamic when we are doing it right. The end result is more confidence, better leadership and more success!

"Don created an 'unfair advantage' for my team after only a single day!" 
- Cynthia Markham, VP Sales for a national medical device company

Don Spini - 60 Seconds to YesAuthor of the #1 Best-Seller "Sixty-Seconds to Yes!", Don personally conducts over 150 sales training sessions per year, making him the top sales coach in the nation. Don has been a successful sales professional and sales manager for the past 25 years, focusing primarily on the financial services and corporate insurance industry. Fed up with the poor quality and content of available sales training for his teams he designed in 1995 what is known today as The PRO Force Sales Mastery and Influence "Sixty-Seconds to Yes" workshop.

This simple yet powerful methodology shows participants how to create extreme interest in their product, service or ideas before they talk about their product, service or ideas. What his clients discovered is the methodology and skills were relevant in all aspects of their lives, not just in front of buyers. His participants came away with confidence in handling objections and conflict, directly resulting in better relationships, higher closing ratios and more revenue.

The program became so popular that Don retired from corporate America at age 46 and started his own sales training company, Team PRO Force headquartered in Orange County CA. In less than a year his program became the number one sales training program in the market. Today Don has a team of sales professionals, consultants and trainers in seven locations marketing the program to companies and individuals across the U.S.